Digital Two Way Radio Can Assist Highway Maintenance

Digital Two Way Radio Can Assist Highway Maintenance

Huge government and private sector investments are spent annually on the UK transport network. Contractors to national, regional and local highway authorities operate with crews situated at depots, often operating around the clock to carry out planned maintenance and emergency repairs.

Icom have been delivering two way radio solution to highway maintenance authorities and contractor for many years and have now launched a new series of digital two way radios, called IDAS offering more benefits to contractors working in this highly dangerous environment. The radios are very spectrum efficient allowing twice the amount of users on a radio system compared to other technologies. IDAS digital radios feature outstanding audio and superb noise cancelling properties providing clear crisp sound.

Another benefit of Icom’s digital system is that it is capable of digital/analogue mixed mode operation. This means that they can receive both analogue and digital modes on a single channel. Mixed mode operation is a real benefit for companies as there is not the need to buy a complete radio system outright, an important consideration in the current economic climate. This can help in budgeting the transition from an older analogue system to a digital one.

Digital Two Way Radio Can Assist Highway Maintenance

There are a variety of Icom's IDAS digital systems available, from simple back to back digital radio systems featuring handportable radios to more sophisticated single site trunking system allowing contractors or staff to communicate within their own groups and cross communicate across an extended team. Icom also have transportable repeaters that provide portable digital repeater coverage between mobile and portable radio equipment.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘From the management of contractors to the delivery of raw materials, even the closure of parts of a motorway it is important to have good quality communications that are both portable and provide good range. That’s where digital two way radio comes in, providing instant, reliable communications’.

He added, ‘The superior performance of Icom’s digital radios makes them ideal for work on the transport network. Long battery life combined with high-quality construction make models from the Icom range perfect for daily demands that workers will put the radio equipment through. With dealers nationwide, an informed sales team and a dedicated after-sales service, Icom UK is fully-equipped to satisfy your mobile radio communication requirements’.

To find an Icom dealer specialising in two way radio communication solutions for the transport and highway sector, please contact our Systems Department today on 01227 741741 or via the email address below.

Icom UK Systems Department:

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