Countryside Digital Two Way Radio Networks

Countryside Digital Two Way Radio Networks

One of the success stories of the last few decades has been the success of retail two way radio networks that aim to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in the urban environment. By bringing retailers together onto a shared two way radio network, these systems have been effective in protecting employees and customers in bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the UK. Now this system has been taken forward by a number of Icom dealers to deter rural crime, anti social behaviour and protect the rural economy.

The problems facing rural communities are quite different to those found in a city. There have been many well publicised cases of farmers suffering the theft of high value machinery, livestock and heating oil to order. These issues just don’t affect farmers but the whole of the rural community can suffer vandalism, theft, trespass, fly tipping and even illegal raves.

Countryside Digital Two Way Radio Networks

This is where a countryside two way radio network can help. Essentially members of a community will rent radios that will provide direct with contact with each other and their local police through a talk through repeater. The radios will normally be encrypted by your Icom dealer to ensure no eavesdropping and depending on the topography could have a range of 20 miles (with the use of a shared radio repeater and the siting of appropriate antenna).

The benefits allow everyone on the network to share information of suspicious behaviour or if they feel their security is being threatened. More importantly it links a community together allowing neighbours to talk to each other thus improving the confidence of all users.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘Icom are pleased to be able to support this rural initiative. Shopwatch schemes around the country have proved to be extremely popular and we believe, led to a reduction in crime and have created a sense of community. We hope that these rural schemes can be as effective as the town centre systems.’

He added, ‘Icom are a market leader in providing analogue and digital two way radios to radio schemes throughout the UK. Available in handheld and mobile versions, Icom have a range of products and radio systems to suit every need. Our radios have a high level of reliability and are very dependable. Our radios are used in some of the toughest sectors such as building and construction so are ideally suited to the rigours of the countryside.'

To find an Icom dealer specialising in shopping, night-time security or countryside networks please contact Icom UK today on 01227 741741 or

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