Fixed Mount VHF Marine Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-M501Euro builds on the popular IC-M59Euro. Essential facilities, such as all channel access (including private channels), dual and tri-watch, fast scanning and a programmable ‘CALL’ channel are all included, along with DSC compatibility.

The associated DS-100 is an independent ‘Class D’ DSC controller with a built-in Ch70 watchkeeping receiver. The 160-character display and large, clearly labelled controls lend themselves to simple, intuitive operation, often lacking in other products. Although the DS-100 has been designed to complement the IC-M501Euro, it may also be used with other DSC compatible VHF radio’s using the correct communications protocol.

Icom has completely reconsidered the needs for mariners in all sectors of the marine market and subsequently the design of both models is radically different to current Icom products. The most obvious part of this change is the move away from horizontal orientation towards vertical orientation. This has produced products that are sized to match traditional marine instrumentation (4” x 6”) and cosmetically blend with the vessels control panel.

Both products are also extremely shallow, improving the mounting possibilities, where depth is often a crucial factor. In addition, when flush-mounted, both models are waterproof to IPX7, providing reliable GMDSS compatible communications for the most inhospitable environments, such as fly-bridges and RIB’s.

By adopting this new design, Icom engineers have been able to increase the front panel space and this has been used to great effect. Both products feature extra-large LCD displays. The IC-M501Euro display also includes a 12 character channel comment, whilst the DS-100 has a 160 character ‘dot matrix’ display conforming to the latest IMO recommendations! All controls are sized for concise operation, even wearing gloves. The number of buttons has been kept to a minimum, with limited use of ‘multi-function’ controls to maintain simplicity. By incorporating a large, front mounted speaker, the IC-M501Euro can also deliver up to 4 watts of clear audio, ideal for use in noisy environments.

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