Portable VHF NAV/COM Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-A22E is an extra compact VHF aviation transceiver that features excellent audio quality on the COM side and a VOR receiver with CDI function on the NAV side. You may wish to check and compare the dimensions of the IC-A22E with other so-called portable transceivers and see how compact the IC-A22E really is.

Truly Portable
Compared to previous portable air band transceivers, the IC-A22E is truly portable featuring superior audio output that’s easy to hear even without a headset.

The IC-A22E also has a built in side-tone function that allows you to monitor your transmitted audio while using a headset. An aircraft headset adapter is supplied with the IC-A22/E for this purpose as standard.

Simple To Use
The IC-A22E’s is quite simple to use and its function display features alphanumeric characters that allow you to store VOR ID’s etc into memory for easy recall and quick visual recognition.

Ergonomically Designed
The set has an ergonomically designed keypad that provides convenient access to all functions.

Rotary Control
A rotary control allows quick and easy tuning of all frequency and memory channels.

Navigational Features
The IC-A22E navigational features include a CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) which shows deviation from original set course at a glance and a ABSS (Automatic Bearing Set System) the identifies the direct radial to the VOR.

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