Dual Band FM Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-2725E VHF/UHF FM dual band mobile transceiver incorporates many popular features from previous Icom mobiles including VHF/VHF UHF/UHF or VHF/UHF simultaneous receive capability, independent tuning and packet communication. Add to this a colourful backlit LCD and stylish design and you have one of the most desirable mobiles to hit the market in recent years.

The controller of the IC-2725E is separate from the main unit and may be installed on a dashboard with the main unit located under a seat or in the boot. This can be a great help when fitting into a modern car where space is limited.

The IC-2725E is very easy to use. A simple push of a button allows you to quickly change between the main (transmit) band and sub-band. An independent tuning knob per band provides simple and quick tuning. Volume, squelch and other function switches are symmetrically laid out for ease of use.

The supplied HM-133 remote control microphone extends the usability of the IC-2725E by allowing you to enter frequencies directly from the keypad. The F1/F2 buttons memorise the transceiver's full settings including frequencies and tone settings.

There is a mini DIN (6-pin) connector on the front of the main unit for direct packet modem connection at 9600bps. 1200bps-packet communication is also possible from the direct packet connector or via the microphone connector.
Standard CTCSS and DTCS tone signalling systems provide quiet stand-by, while useful functions such as 'pocket beep' and tone scan are included. The 'pocket beep' acts like a pager as it alerts the operators with a beep sound when the transceiver receives a signal containing a preset tone. Tone scan detects the CTCSS tone frequency in use on a repeater.

A novel feature of the IC-2725E is the selectable squelch attenuator, which reduces interference from strong nearby signals. Selectable squelch delay keeps the squelch in an open condition for a specified period, even when a received signal becomes suddenly weaker than the threshold level.

A MOS-FET power amplifier provides powerful 50W in the 145MHz band and 35W in the 430-440 MHz band. Output power is selectable in 3 steps. The IC-2725E has a total of 212 memory channels, 200 regular channels, 2 call channels and 10 scan edges.

The IC-2725 is supplied with HM-133 remote control microphone, OPC-889 front panel separator cable, OPC-346 DC power cable and MB-84 controller bracket

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