Dual Band Transceiver (Discontinued)

IC-E91 dual band handheld transceiver covers 0.495–999.990MHz with VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF receive capability. The standard Li-Ion battery pack provides 5W (typ.) output power in both bands for stable operation. Furthermore, by installing the optional UT-121 digital unit, you have D-STAR DV mode operation. A truly versatile multi-featured radio that continues Icom’s lead in digital amateur radio communications!

Wide band receiver with dualwatch capability
The IC-E91 series has dualwatch receiver capability, allowing you to receive two bands simultaneously (V/V, U/U, V/U possible). By pushing and holding the [Main/Dual] button, you can easily turn on/off the dualwatch mode, while a press of the button allows you to toggle the active VFO channels. When in the dualwatch mode, the operating frequency and mode are restricted to 495kHz–999.990MHz in FM/WFM/AM mode (VFO A) and 118–174MHz or 350–470MHz in FM/FM-N/AM/DV* mode (VFO B).
* DV mode is optional for IC-E91. See specifications page for receive range coverage.

Large dot-matrix LCD
The large dot-matrix LCD (37.8 x 20 mm), displays two line frequency settings, alphanumeric channel name, bandscope, received short data message and GPS coordination, etc. You can choose large or small font size in the setting mode. LCD and keypad backlight provides a bright illumination for night time operation.

1304 memory channels The IC-E91 series has a total 1304 memory channels with 26 memory banks. The VFO A has 800 regular channels, 50 scan edges and 2 call channels, while the VFO B has 400 regular, 50 scan edges and 2 call channels. All memory channels, memory banks and even scan edges can be named with 8-character channel comment.

Simple bandscope
Spectrum activity is visually shown on the screen and AF output is emitted while sweeping the range. It is useful for finding new or interfering signals.

Keypad navigation The 4-direction cursor buttons on the keypad gives you quick access to many of the settings. The twin volume/channel knob provides convenient channel/volume setting.

5 Watts output power
Icom’s wideband PA circuit and the standard lithium-ion battery pack provides 5W (typ.) of output power. The standard BP-217 provides up to 5/4.5 hours* of operating time.
* VHF/UHF single mode, Tx high: Rx: Stand-by duty ratio= 1: 1: 8

External DC power jack An external DC power jack allows for operation with an external DC power supply (10–16V DC). When used with the CP-19, CP-12L or OPC-254L, simultaneous operation during charging is possible.

Built-in CTCSS/DTCS encoder and decoder
CTCSS and DTCS tones are used for accessing a closed repeater or tone squelch operation. The pocket beep alerts you with a beep sound when the transceiver receives a preset tone.

Multiple scan functions
The IC-E91 series supports various scan types for maximum reception and ease of use.
  • Full scan
  • Selected band scan
  • Programmed scan
  • Memory scan
  • Memory mode scan
  • All bank scan
  • Selected bank scan
  • Bank link scan (DMS)
  • Skip scan
  • Priority scan
  • Tone scan

Other features

  • Squelch release function to monitor a weak signal
  • Water-resistant construction, equivalent to IPX4
  • Remote control microphone, HM-75A allows memory channel control from microphone
  • Auto power save, power off and power on
  • 10 channel DTMF memory (16-digit)
  • 10dB (approx) built-in attenuator

Digital Features

D-STAR DV mode available (Digital Voice + data) The IC-E91* provides DV mode operation with an AMBE codec. 950 bps data can be sent simultaneously with the digital voice transmission. The IC-E91 is compatible with the JARL D-STAR format**. In addition, when you receive an FM mode (or other mode) signal while operating in DV mode, the automatic DV detection function automatically changes the operating mode to the detected mode.
* Optional UT-121 is required for use with IC-E91.
** The Digital features of the IC-E91 series are compatible with ID-800H and IC-V82/U82, IC- 2200H with UT-118.

One touch reply button
A one-touch reply [CALL RX->CS] button makes the IC-E91 really easy to use. It memorises the received callsign(s) at a touch of the button. This function allows you to call back to the calling station without hassle. In addition, up to 20 received callsigns are stored as the received call history.

Position information exchange
When connecting an external GPS receiver (NMEA 0183 format) to the data jack, your own and other station’s position information can be sent and received*. Supported data formats are GLL, GGA, RMC, GSA and VTG sentences. The IC-E91 sends the position data either by holding the PTT switch, or at a reset interval (5 seconds–30 minutes), depending on the setting. * GPS data receive only is possible when no external GPS receiver is attached.

Built-in voice recorder and auto reply
The IC-E91 has a built-in voice recorder*. It records an incoming call in DV mode for up to 30 seconds (approx.), or can be partitioned into 3 tracks (10 seconds each). The 10-second transmit memory allows you to record your callsign, CQ and automatically answers when you receive a message. (*Available in DV mode only)

Optional PC remote control capability (Also available in analogue mode)
When the IC-E91 is connected to a PC via a RS-232C cable, most functions of the IC-E91 can be controlled from the PC. In DV mode operation, you can send and receive short messages of 20 characters (Max.) on the PC.

DX communication over the D-STAR system
The 144, 440MHz D-STAR repeater is now available. It allows you cross band (144 /440/1200MHz) operation and long distance communication over the D-STAR system.

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