TRP Transportable Repeater

TRP Transportable Repeater

Transportable Repeater

The TRP transportable repeater series provides portable repeater coverage between mobile and portable radio equipment.

Key Features and Benefits

Simple to Operate and Quick to Set Up
Our TRP Transportable repeater is simple to operate and quick to set up. It is supplied in a robust ABS portable carry case and is fully self contained with duplexer, mains power supply and battery backup facility. The repeater measures only 56(w) x 26(h) x 58(d) cm and weighs only 20kg, so it can literally be picked up and deployed anywhere, anytime.

Compatible with Analogue and IDAS Digital Modes
The TRP Transportable Repeater receives both analogue and digital mode signals on a single channel, allowing the use of IDAS digital radios, while still maintaining existing analogue radios within the system.

Double Your Channel Capacity in IDAS Digital Mode
6.25kHz narrow channel spacing allows you to create 2 offset channels within a single 12.5kHz channel.This doubles the channel efficiency and capacity while saving 50% on licensing.

Improved Audio Quality and Coverage
IDAS digital mode gives noise-free audio over a greater comparable area than analogue FM. The IDAS repeater uses the AMBE+2™ codec, the latest evolution in vocoding technology.

Two UK Versions Available
Two 25 Watt versions are now available in the UK; the TRP-U11 (UHF) and TRP-V11 (VHF). 50 Watt versions are also available for export.

Target Users

  • Rapid deployment/response for emergency services
  • Charity Agencies requiring temporary repeater coverage
  • The events industry…simply move the unit from one location to the next
  • Motorway maintenance who want to maintain communications.
  • Rail companies that want to ensure radio communication when conducting track repairs.
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