The Potential of Two Way Radio Security Schemes?

Shopwatch has a great potential according to Paul Jess in Schools, Nightwatch. Paul said,' the Shopwatch scheme has brought a number of benefits to places like Dover and Canterbury and has improved the shopping environment for the general public and has provided a better environment for parents to bring up their children.'

Paul sees further opportunities for the system and suggests, 'pubs at night could benefit from being part of such a co-ordinated scheme by providing a high level of security, which could be targeted during trouble spots such as closing time.'

He also mentioned that 'schools could be brought into the scheme with the extension of CCTV providing an added level of security for schoolchildren and also to act as an active social tool in cutting down on truancy and vandalism.'

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive at Icom (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of the radio communication equipment said, “It is great to see how successful all the Smye Rumsby schemes are. Icom has supplied equipment to many similar schemes all over the country and we have received nothing but praise for the contribution they make to personal and community security.”

Icom UK Marketing:

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