£100 Fixed Penalty Notices for Companies Who Fail to Renew Their Two Way Business Radio Licenses

Two way business radio channels have reached saturation point in most cities in the UK. With 43,000 business radio licenses in use, Ofcom, the organisation in charge of spectrum assignment and enforcement have produce several initiatives to safeguard this vital resources to the UK economy. One such measure is to penalize companies who are operating illegally. Companies that fail to renew their Business Radio Licences now face the prospect of having to pay a fixed penalty of £100. This new initiative should help to reduce levels of interference from unlicensed users and improve spectrum allocation.

The new enforcement process involves a sliding scale of action. First Ofcom will contact those who fail to renew. If, after reasonable opportunity, the licence holder has still not paid the renewal fee, the licence is revoked. Then, if the user is found to be still operating, action may be taken, escalating through the issue of fixed penalty and possible prosecution through the criminal courts.

The fixed penalty notices that Ofcom issues operate in a similar way to those issued for parking offences - they are sent to alleged offenders by post, who then have one month to respond.

Initially focusing on business radio, Ofcom will consider widening this to other users in due course. Ofcom has written to all Radio Spectrum Licence holders to remind them of the need to renew their licences.

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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