Icom Launches IDAS Digital Trunking Radio

Icom Launches IDAS Digital Trunking Radio

Icom is launching digital trunking capability for its digital private mobile radio system called IDAS. IDAS trunking will combine the channel allocation efficiency of trunking with the spectrum efficiency of 6.25 kHz channel spacing.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manger of Icom UK Ltd said, 'Current analogue radios require 12.5kHz channels to deliver voice over RF. With IDAS, the voice is digitized and compressed using AMBE+2™ vocoder so a single voice can be delivered in 6.25kHz channels, which allows twice the amount of channels across a given frequency range. This gives users more flexibility and capacity when applying for a license.'

The first phase for IDAS Trunking includes trunking controller programming over the Internet, limited remote repeater management over the Internet and auto home channel back-up. More features are on the way and may include operation monitoring, dispatch control and IC-FR5100 repeater programming all performed over the Internet.

Ian said, 'IDAS’s versatility makes it a viable solution for many users and operators. It can be used on smaller sites that have only a few radios and several channels to larger sites that currently use analogue trunking. It is therefore, ideal for single site campuses, such as colleges, hospitals, factories, theme parks.'

'IDAS is designed with backward compatibility and will operate in both analogue and digital mode. You can have a graceful transition from analogue to digital by replacing radios over time rather than all at once, an important consideration in this economic downturn. Existing IDAS IC- FR5100/FR6100 conventional repeaters can be upgraded to trunking with the UC-FR5000 Trunking/Network Controller board.'

He added, 'A university, for example, can install the IC-FR5000 today, put its security department on digital tomorrow, and move the maintenance department over at a later date.'

IDAS Trunking is single site transmission-based. IDAS trunking features 30 channels per site, up to 2,000 units and 2000 groups per system. IDAS allows the user to program the trunking controller using Internet Protocol connection. With an IP connection, an operator can reach the controller to program and upgrade the system from anywhere there is an Internet connection available.

Ian commented, 'Using the IDAS IC-FR5100/6100 at site with IP connectivity will now allow you to configure IDAS trunking remotely with more features like ROIP, radio reprogramming, and possible firmware upgrading on the way.'

IDAS, launched by Icom last February as a bridge between analogue systems and digital narrowband systems, uses the non-proprietary NXDN™ common air interface. The NXDN™ standard was jointly developed by Icom and Kenwood Corp.

Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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