IC-F44G MPT Transceiver Series

The launch of the new MPT trunking version of the IC-F44G series marks a further expansion of the Icom Commercial product range. Compatible with MPT 1327, 1343 data communication protocol, this new variant has all the technical features and rugged construction of the original but goes one step further making it useful for large-scale communication requirements such as airports, industrial plants, delivery companies and other organisations.

Radio trunking is a method employed on medium to large business radio systems to make the best use of the scarce radio channels that are available in the UK today.

Ian Lockyer, Icom Marketing Manager said, “By adding the IC-F44MPT version to our line up Icom is ensuring that are more communication solutions for all our customers. Incorporating the main features of the normal analogue radio and a wide range of trucking features such as 32 conventional channels, scrambler, call diversion and emergency call function, this radio is ideal for any large-scale organisation that can benefit from trunked radio”.

A trunked radio system makes use of several radio channels centrally managed by a Trunked Controller to provide communication between radio users. When a user makes a call, the Trunked Controller automatically allocate a free channel and sends a message to the radio units involved in the call instructing them to change to the free channel. This means that a conversation can be made if ANY CHANNEL is available, unlike a conventional system where the user must wait for a particular channel to be available. This process is entirely automatic and transparent to the user.

Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk


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