Ever Heard about Shunting Software For Two Way Radios?

Ever Heard about Shunting Software For Two Way Radios?

Designed to improve procedures in rail yards, Radio Communication Company, Icom (UK) Ltd have launched a Shunting Software Package, that runs on the company's range of commercial radios - the IC-F3GS/GT series.

The software designed by Icom (UK) Ltd uses approved British Rail/Rail Link tones. On pressing a specific programmable button on the radio, a continuous Audio Beep Tone (ABT) is transmitted signalling that it is safe to move. When the user releases the assigned button, the ABT signal will cease, indicating that the train should stop moving.

The IC-F3GS/GT series is a part of a new generation of commercial handhelds from Icom. Already in use by various bodies including government organisations, public services, construction companies etc, the IC-F3GS/GT series is packed full of great features including 100 memory channels, 8 hours battery life with standard Ni-Cd battery pack, enlarged 7 character alphanumeric LCD display. Four variants are available to suit all customers needs and all comply with MIL-810 C, D, E for shock and vibration.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive at Icom (UK) Ltd said, 'These days, some trains can be half a mile long and therefore a system is needed to aid communication between the engine driver and the carriage coupler. This software provides the users with safety features that coupled with voice communication will improve the efficiency and overall safety of the Shunting yard.’

The IC-F3GS/GT series comes standard with drop in charger, Ni-Cd Battery Pack, Antenna, Belt Clip and a 2-year warranty. It is available through Icom's nation-wide dealership.

Icom Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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