IC-F510 Series of Commercial Mobile Radios

IC-F510 Series of Commercial Mobile Radios

Icom is pleased to announce details of its new range of VHF and UHF Commercial mobile transceivers, the IC-F510 series. Targeted at transportation, business and industry, this mid range radio is positioned between the IC-F1610 and IC-F310 series and is designed to complement Icom's growing range of Commercial business solutions.

Three transceivers initially make up this new family of products. The series is divided into the IC-F510 for VHF and the IC-F610 for UHF. A UHF MPT version of this radio is also available.

The strength of the IC-F510 series is in its versatility. The IC-F510 is designed on a Flash ROM platform, which enables future system upgrades and compatibility with future protocols. The IC-F510 series features a solid die-cast aluminium chassis and polycarbonate front panel, which is resistant to shock and vibration.

The IC-F510 series has a variety of signalling standards built in, including CTCSS, DTCS, 2 Tone and 5 Tone. When the optional UT-108 DTMF decoder is installed the IC-F510 series provides ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and pager functions. Two levels of voice scrambling are available to safeguard your transmissions. You can choose either the UT-109 Simple Inversion module or the more secure UT-110 Rolling Code module.

The IC-F510 has a reversible front panel, which is readily mounted in any vehicle. The speaker can be adjusted in two directions, whilst keeping the front panel direction in an easy to use position for the operator. The unit has 5 buttons and 2 up/down keys that can be assigned functions to suit the user. An independent volume knob is incorporated, and backlighting on the keypad ensures easy night-time operation.

The IC-F510 has 256 memory channels. Each memory channel can store a variety of settings including transmit power, CTCSS frequency, scan list etc. The large alphanumeric 10-digit display shows numerous programmable status messages and channel names for easy recognition. In addition, custom characters can be made and displayed on the screen.Featuring state-of-the-art RF technology including a newly designed Fractional-N™ PLL system, the ultra high-speed circuitry provides stable data communications. A new speech compressor (Audio Compander function) provides crystal clear audio under noisy conditions.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager for Icom said, 'Icom UK is pleased to introduce the IC-F510 to the Commercial market. This radio offers significant features, high performance, reliability and functionality at an exceptional price. Its launch complements our portfolio of mobile transceivers.'

Icom Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk


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