mobiTask - The Task logging software solution for Business

mobiTask - The Task logging software solution for Business

Icom dealer, Capcom Land & Sea, has introduced the mobitask management system into the Royal Hampshire County Hospital. Incorporating Icom radios it is already providing major improvements. mobiTask, is a generic management software solution that allows the portering services at the hospital to allocate, monitor and control all tasks carried out.

mobiTask is easy to use and has been designed to enable users to update the progress of tasks remotely, over a radio system. It also provides a full range of reports, which presents valuable management information. The system, now in full use at the Hospital in Winchester, is providing efficiencies by improving the Hospital's ability to meet customer needs effectively.

In charge of introducing mobiTask to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital is Philip Tarling, Hotel Services Manager. He said,' Prior to having a computerised system at the Hospital, we recorded all our work on paper. We couldn't assess or prioritise in detail any of the jobs, we needed a system that not only recorded response times but also ensured that every job was logged prior to being undertaken.'

He went on to add, ' We also used a pager system, which was limited in its ability to cope with a large number of jobs. The system relied heavily on the memory of individuals and each porter had to return to control to update our records and to pick up a new job (and then go out again.) This clearly was not the most effective way of managing our resources. mobiTask has changed that. Now we can place a job rapidly via the radio system. If a job is unsuitable or personnel are not in the right area we can pass the job on.'

Asked if there had been any problems in implementing the mobiTask system? Philip said,' from investigation to design to implementation there have been very few problems. The simplicity of the package has meant that everyone has found it very easy to use.'

So what are the main benefits of mobiTask? Philip said, 'The main benefit to us is that we can easily assign tasks to individuals who are best able to undertake them. It allows us to use our resources in the best possible way. In the past, small increases in work created by changes in the department or in hospital procedures were difficult to identify and by the time they had built up it was far too late to do anything about it. With mobiTask we can see the increase in workload in certain areas and at the times that they occur and take steps to manage it.'

And the service you received from Capcom? Philip Tarling replied, 'The installation was very quick and easy. I am very pleased with how well mobiTask was implemented.' Kevin Abraham, Director of Capcom Land and Sea, commenting on why Icom radios were chosen for mobiTask said,' We use the Icom IC-F41GT/GS series for the mobiTask system because it is extremely flexible and has a good display. The flexibility of the software makes this radio integral to the mobiTask system.'

Asked what the overall benefits mobiTask could bring to an organisation were, Kevin said, 'mobiTask provides more effective use of your labour. You are not getting people wandering back to a fixed point every time a job is done.' mobiTask has been designed to be used in a variety of business sectors including Schools/Colleges, Hospitals and manufacturing plants. The equipment requirement for mobiTask is quite standard and installation is straightforward. The only equipment you need for a basic local mobiTask system is mobiTask software, Personal Computer, IC-F31/41GS or IC-F31/41GT handportable radio with keypad for end user use and a IC-F1610/2610 base station together with data interface and power supply for base station control.

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