IC-R5-Hear Them All with Icom’s Winning Performance!

IC-R5-Hear Them All with Icom’s Winning Performance!

Radio Communication Company Icom UK Ltd announces the debut of the IC-R5 compact handheld receiver. Small in size and measuring only 58 (W) x 86 (H) x 27(D) mm, the IC-R5 contains many outstanding features that allow you to listen to a wide variety of broadcasts. Whether listening in on your favourite driver’s car-to-pit radio calls while at the race track, looking for something new while travelling, or catching your favourite radio programs at home the IC-R5 will become a indispensible piece of equipment for you to own.

The IC-R5’s wide band reception of 0.150–1309.995MHz means that you can listen to anything from AM broadcast to UHF TV audio. Listen to international, national, regional and local broadcast radio stations, plus many more interesting frequencies such aircraft, air traffic control and marine bands. For the race fan, the IC-R5 puts you so close to the track, only the man behind the wheel is experiencing more action.

The IC-R5 has a drip-resistant case that protects the radio from harsh weather and damp conditions so you can take it virtually anywhere. The use of a large internal speaker ensures loud, crystal clear audio whatever the level of background noise. You can make up your own channel names for each of the 1250 available memory channels. The LCD display lets you use numbers, letters or a combination of both when naming channels and banks. Icom’s exclusive Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS) gives you the flexibility to customise and manage the IC-R5’s memory banks the way you want or need.

Power on the go is easy, thanks to the IC-R5’s ability to operate from a variety of power sources. You may power the radio via the DC jack with the standard BC-07 AC adapter or use the included 2 'AA' size rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries. A DC jack allows for simultaneous battery charging while operating the radio.

With the optional software and cable, IC-R5 programming and cloning is very easy. You can hook up the IC-R5 to a PC so you can customise channel names, scan lists, and more.The IC-R5 comes complete with BC-07 UK battery charger, 2 AA rechargeable batteries, FA-S270C antenna, belt clip, handstrap and a handbook.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager for Icom said, 'The IC-R5 offers significant features, high performance and a high level of functionality. Whether you are a seasoned scanner enthusiast or someone who wants to explore all the interesting broadcast bands out there, this pocket sized radio has plenty to offer.'

Icom Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk


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