Icom to support ‘Fessenden’ Special Event Station - Honouring the First Century of Broadcasting

Icom to support ‘Fessenden’ Special Event Station - Honouring the First Century of Broadcasting

December 2006 marks the 100th anniversary of voice broadcasting. To celebrate, radio enthusiasts from the UK and USA are to broadcast between Machrihanish, Scotland and Brant Rock, Massachusetts and complete Fessenden’s 'Plan A'.

In 1906 Reginald Fessenden planned to make a formal voice contact from Brant Rock, Massachusetts to Machrihanish, Scotland. Unfortunately heavy winds damaged the antenna at the Scottish site so Fessenden, in true ham spirit, went to 'Plan B.' Instead of transmitting to Scotland, he used the Brant Rock station to transmit Christmas greetings to ships of the United Fruit Company.

To mark the centenary of the transmission there will be three special centennial event stations operating from 2000 GMT on Dec 29 to 2000 GMT on Dec 30.

Operating at Brant Rock W100BO/W1F will be Steve Barreres, K2CX. GB1FVT at Machrihanish will be operated by Duncan MacArthur, GM3TNT, and W1AW will be operating at Newington, CT.

To celebrate the past and future of radio the voice modes used will reflect both traditional and new technologies. The stations will be operating AM from the early 1900’s, SSB and FM from the later 1900’s, and Echolink/IRLP plus digital voice HF bringing in digital communications of the 21st century. The Machrihanish based group will be using an IC-756ProIII supplied by Icom UK Ltd.

The purpose of the Dec 29-30 event is two-fold:

    (1) To celebrate the miracle of voices over the airwaves and how it brings the world into people's homes. News, entertainment, ideas and events are all shared via this medium to every corner of the globe.

    (2) To recognise the role of the Amateur Radio operator in the early development of this medium, and the important continuing role that Amateur Radio plays in exploring new wireless technologies.
Alongside the centenary celebrations the 'Hello' campaign will be running. The brainchild of Allen Pitts (Media & PR manager of the ARRL), 'Hello' was developed to highlight the one-to-one and international communication opportunities of Amateur Radio and as Allen says it is called 'Hello' because, 'Being seen as friendly and trustworthy is the basis for all positive, lasting relationships. 'Hello' is one word which is understood all over the world. It is a word of welcome, of greeting, of being open to new dialogue and opportunities for relationships. It is arguably the friendliest word in any language....and it is apparently the first word spoken over the radio'.

Marketing Dept: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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