Icom Partner 'Learning to Fly’ Project

Icom Partner 'Learning to Fly’ Project

Icom UK is excited to be supporting a film project that is following the development of Beth Moran as she takes all the necessary steps to becoming a pilot. The documentary will follow her full Private Pilot’s License journey, from first flight to her final flight test and numerous other aspects of flying like Air Traffic Control, her first helicopter flight, going in an aerobatic plane and many other amazing aviation experiences.

Icom are pleased that the importance of VHF air band communications is being highlighted. As well as showcasing the Icom brand and product range in the filming, we are hoping to have some very special films created for our own YouTube channel.

Tristan Loraine from Fact Not Fiction Films who is behind the project said, ‘We have numerous leading brands partnering with us on the project from Bose to Garmin. Icom is one of the leading radio manufacturers in the world and is another perfect partner for the project.’

He added, ‘Effective communications is a key part of aviation and aviation flight safety. Equipment reliability and ease of use is vital. Icom produces a range of portable aviation radios that are ideal for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.’

‘Learning to Fly’ will have regular updates on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/learningtoflyfilm and also on their website at http://sfc.ac/learning-to-fly/.

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk


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