Radio Solutions to Protect Your Lone workers in your Business

Radio Solutions to Protect Your Lone workers in your Business

There are some workers that have to work alone because of the nature of their occupation. Whether they are a cleaner, security guard or night porter, they are often on their own with little interaction with others during working time.

As an employer, you need to make sure your staff are safe and a two way radio solution with loan worker or Man-down is a good way to give your employees that visibility during working hours.

Lone Worker is incorporated in many types of radio systems. The radio will sense whether a user has made a transmission within a preset period. If there has not been any radio activity within this period, the handset will provide an audible alert.

The user can acknowledge the alert by pressing a button on the handset which will reset the timer. If the alert is not answered, the radio gives out an emergency alert with a predefined timed interval in which the member of staff can call out their location and/or situation. Other users can then search for their distressed colleague and offer assistance.

Another loan worker option is Man-Down. Man-Down is a tilt-switch inside the radio that automatically sends an alarm signal if the radio is tipped on its side for more than a preset period. The radio usually beeps to warn the user that the alarm signal will be sent if the radio is not positioned upright again.

The purpose of the Man-Down feature is to protect lone workers, so if someone was to fall over incapacitating themselves, their radio would send out an alarm warning to other users or the control centre who can then send for help.

All Icom models have these significant features as standard or an option. The Lone Worker Alarm / Man down alarm is ideal for many applications where staff have to work alone, security personnel and for health and safety applications.

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