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Important Notice: 'Float and Flash' Feature on the IC-M25 Marine VHF Handheld Radio

Important Notice: 'Float and Flash' Feature on the IC-M25 Marine VHF Handheld Radio

We want to bring to your attention a feature on the IC-M25 Marine VHF radio. When this radio is submerged, the radio will go into sleep mode by default, meaning it will flash in the water for the maximum amount of time obtainable from the remaining power of the battery. This feature increases the chance of retrieving the radio if accidently dropped into the water by flashing for longer.

While the radio is submerged and flashing, the radios receiver and transmitter will not function. Only after it is taken out of the water (after approximately 10 seconds) will the radio come out of this sleep mode and automatically stop flashing allowing you to receive or transmit again.

This setting can be adjusted so that the radio will not go into the sleep mode when submerged and continue to operate normally (although this will reduce the time it is able to flash). In order to change the way this feature operates, the radio needs to be returned to Icom UK at the address below:

Icom UK Ltd,
Blacksole House,
Altira Park,
Herne Bay,
Kent CT6 6GZ

Please ensure that the radio is sent to us via recorded delivery with a covering note including all your contact details. Please mark the note ‘Request to turn off 'Power-Save' on the 'Float & Flash' feature’.

There is no charge for this adjustment although a charge will be made for return carriage.

If you require any further information send an email to info@icomuk.co.uk or telephone us during normal office hours on 01227 741741.

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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