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New ICOM IDAS Digital Two Way Radio Series Makes Debut at IWCE2016

New ICOM IDAS Digital Two Way Radio Series Makes Debut at IWCE2016

We are really excited to announce that a new series of advanced digital two way radios will be shown at the world largest business radio exhibition, IWCE2016 which takes place between March 23rd and 24th in Las Vegas, USA.

ICOM will be launching the IC-F3400D/F4400D range of handportables and IC-F5400D/F6400D range of mobiles….a new generation of IDAS digital business radios. This new series incorporates cutting edge design, superb performance and a comprehensive range of sophisticated features all on a flexible, upgradeable multi-protocol platform.

Key features planned include

• High Resolution Colour LCD
• Built-in Bluetooth®
• Digital Voice Recording
• DES/AES Encryption with Over-the-Air Rekeying
• OTAP (Over-the-Air-Programming) and OAA (Over-the-Air-Alias)
• Motion/Stationary Detection Sensors
• Data Modem Facility
• ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) Vibration Alert
• GPS Receiver
• dPMR Trunking Upgrade
• Waterproof and Dust-tight
• USB Port for PC Connection
• Audio Equalizer
• Multiple Languages Function
• Voice Announcement

European versions of this radio series will be available later in the year. Please stay tuned to this website for announcements about their availability.

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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