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C the IC-7300 SDR at CDXC with W&S

C the IC-7300 SDR at CDXC with W&S

There is an opportunity for CXDC members to see the new IC-7300, Icom's first Software-Defined Radio (SDR) HF Transceiver at the CDXC annual dinner & afternoon workshop this weekend. The radio will be displayed at the event by Icom Amateur radio dealer, Waters & Stanton.

For details about this new product, visit the IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz Transceiver Product page. As well as giving an overview there is a video giving an introduction to this new SDR transceiver.

For more details about CDXC, the UK DX Foundation, visit their website at http://www.cdxc.org.uk.

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk


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