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New Video, D-STAR and the Icom RS-MS1A Android App

New Video, D-STAR and the Icom RS-MS1A Android App

Icom UK together with TX Films have produced a video providing an introduction to D-STAR and the Icom RS-MS1A Android D-STAR application software.

The video, introduced by Bob McCreadie (G0FGX) of TX Films features Don Turner (G4TKR) providing a number of demonstrations featuring the ID-5100 dual band D-STAR digital and the RS-MS1A Android app.

It includes:

- Sending text messages and images.
- How to connect to D-STAR and your nearest repeater.
- Finding repeaters utilising a mapping application.
- Explanation about reflectors and how to connect to them.
- Where you can find the most up to date list of Icom D-STAR radio programming files and data files of UK D-STAR repeaters and reflectors.

Click here to view this video on our YouTube channel!

For further details about D-STAR visit our microsite at http://www.d-staruk.co.uk

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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