The Migration of Retail Two Way Radio Schemes to Digital

The Migration of Retail Two Way Radio Schemes to Digital

Shopwatch systems have been a two way radio success story throughout the UK. There can barely be a town centre in the UK without a radio scheme operating. Shopwatch systems have ultimately led to retailers reducing stock loss, improving productivity and delivering better customer service.

Icom have been the leading brand in two way radio retail security systems offering simple through to sophisticated radio systems that meet the demand of the retail environment. However this success comes at a cost; the lack of available channels to accomodate the increasing numbers of users.

Icom have now launched a new series of digital two way radios, called IDAS offering more benefits to the the retail sector. IDAS radios are very spectrum efficient allowing twice the amount of users on a radio system than comparable technologies. IDAS digital radios feature outstanding audio and superb noise cancelling properties providing clear crisp sound around all areas of a store. Also, because of the way that they digitally transmit, it is possible that parts of a site that previously had a blind spot could be covered. So whether you are DIY, footwear, fashion, supermarket or shopping centre you can benefit.

Another benefit of Icom’s digital system is that it is capable of digital/analogue mixed mode operation. This means that they can receive both analogue and digital modes on a single channel. Mixed mode operation is a real benefit as there is not the need to buy a complete radio system outright, an important consideration in the current economic climate. This can help in budgeting the transition from an older analogue system to a digital one.

The Migration of Retail Two Way Radio Schemes to Digital

There are a variety of Icom's IDAS digital systems available, from simple back to back digital radio systems featuring handportable radios to more sophisticated single site trunking system allowing retail staff to communicate within their own groups and cross communicate with extended management team. Icom also provide a range of digital two way radio systems including Radio Management System (RMS-Net) specifically designed for the retail sector. There are various options to go with this system including Guard Tour and Zonal security systems.

He added, ‘The superior performance of Icom’s digital radios makes them ideal for use in retail environments. Long battery life combined with high-quality construction make models from the Icom range perfect for daily demands of a long retail shift. So if you are looking for a simple radio system with full reporting function to coordinate workers and services, then Icom have a range of solutions available. With dealers nationwide, an informed sales team and a dedicated after-sales service, Icom UK is fully-equipped to satisfy your mobile radio communication requirements’.

To find an Icom dealer specialising in two way radio communication solutions for retail, contact our systems department on 01227 741741 or via the email address below.

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