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RC-28 IP Remote Control System

The RC-28 IP Remote Control System, allows Radio Amateurs to remotely operate selected Icom amateur transceivers. The software comes complete with remote control USB encoder and will work with the IC-7200, IC-7410, IC-7600 and IC-9100 with a USB cable, and with the IC-756PROIII, IC-7000, IC-7400, IC-7700 and IC-7800 with a RS-232C cable.


- The RC-28 IP Remote Control System allows you to use the radio installed in another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet.

- Low voice latency (caused by the RS-BA1) provides the same operational experience as using an actual radio.

- The remote control USB encoder provides control of this system. It utilises the same tuning knob and encoder used on Icom HF radios, providing a tactile option for the RS-BA1 software. Includes a sturdy PTT and two user-programmable function keys.

Advanced Remote Control Interface Tailored to Icom Transceivers

- Most functions and modes of your transceiver, including interference rejection functions and IF filter settings, can be controlled. Also, S-meter and SWR can be observed.

- Rx Voice recording function.

The RS-BA1 software itself consists of two component software applications; System configuration software and remote control software. The system configuration software sets up IP address, audio sampling rate and other settings. The remote control software provides a user interface, similar to the radio's front panel, and allows you to control the radio from a remote location.

Connection with the IC-7600, IC-7410, IC-7200 or IC-9100

The IC-7600, IC-7410, IC-7200 or IC-9100 can be connected to a PC with a USB cable and the input/output audio signal and CI-V command is sent through the USB cable.

Connection with the IC-7700 & IC-7800

The IC-7800 or IC-7700 can be connected to a PC with a RS-232C cable plus S/P DIF or ACC cable. *

Connection with the IC-756PROIII, IC-7400 or IC-7000

The IC-756PROIII, IC-7400 or IC-7000 can be connected to a PC with an audio cable and RS-232C cable through CT-17 CI-V level converter.*

*RS-BA1 operation with the Base station's PC connected to the radio's ACC socket, MIC connector, or S/P DIF jack for audio communication cannot be guaranteed. Depending on your radio, a few functions or modes cannot be used, or you need to update the radio's firmware to operate the CW keyer, using the RS-BA1.

Supplied items
- Remote Control USB Encoder
- CD (including the RS-BA1 instruction manual, the RS-BA1 installer, the USB driver and the USB driver installation guide)
- USB cable (A-B type)
- Installation guides

  • Operating System requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32/34bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® (32/34bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP3 or later)
  • Network data speed requirement
  • For the transceiver location:Upload 500 kbps, or faster
  • Download 350 kbps, or faster
  • For the Remote location:Upload 350 kbps, or faster
  • Download 500 kbps, or faster
  • (When the default audio quality is used)
  • All stated features and specifications may be subject to change without notice.

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