Icom Inc. Provide Details of ID-4100E D-STAR VHF/UHF Mobile Radio

Icom Inc. Provide Details of ID-4100E D-STAR VHF/UHF Mobile Radio

Icom Inc has issued preliminary details of a new D-STAR mobile radio called the ID-4100E. The radio will come with the new terminal and access point modes that will be incorporated into its other new D-STAR handportable, the ID-51E PLUS2. The Callsign routing terminal mode feature will allow each radio to be connected like an access point to the worldwide D-STAR repeater network through the internet*.

Planned features include:

• Terminal & Access Point Mode (Optional data cable and free-download application required)
• DR (D-STAR Repeater) Function
• Full Dot-Matrix Display
• Easy-to-Read Characters and Icons
• Compact and Detachable Controller for Flexible Installation
• Bluetooth Hands-Free Operation (Optional Bluetooth unit and headset required)
• Integrated GPS and microSD Card Slot (microSD card required)
• Enhanced Remote Control Apps for Smart Devices (Optional Bluetooth unit and free-download application required)

An ID-4100E preview brochure is available to download on the side of this page. To download a high resolution version of this image, please visit our image bank at: www.icomuk.co.uk/imagebank.

Currently we do not have any details about its price or when it will be available in the UK. When we have those details, we will add them to our website and notify customers via social media and through our newsletter.

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*Icom gateway network

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

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